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October 2016 Issue (view full issue)
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The Arrogance Of the Algorithm

Ralph Nader once accused auto manufacturers of making cars that were "unsafe at any speed." Now he's turning his attention to autonomous vehicles and urging insurers to step up to the plate.

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Highlights from this month's issue...


Industry Experts Discuss:

  • Institute Helping Insurers Understand Auto Trend
  • Dull, Dirty, Dangerous: Drones on the Job
  • Telematics Can Return Commercial Auto to Profitability

Issues & Answers

Training & Education

Experts discuss how organizations and professionals can meet the challenges of teaching new skill sets and offering tools for today's insurance and risk management industries.

Tort Law

Quality Control

Both insurance and tort law play important roles in quality control, says Ralph Nader, founder of the American Museum of Tort Law. The museum features exhibits of some landmark cases.

Auto Insurance

Handing Over The Keys

As the era of ride sharing and fully autonomous cars quickly approaches, insurers are crafting new coverages and endorsements.

Asset Management

Outside Perspective

Insurance assets managed by third parties more than doubled in the past decade. BlackRock, Deutsche Asset Management and Goldman Sachs Asset Management lead survey's global rankings.

Risk Management

A Model of Preparedness

Conducting large-loss scenario analyses can help insurers manage pandemic risk and be ready for extreme events such as a global flu outbreak.

Regulation: Reinsurance

Building Fences

Reinsurers express concern about an increasing number of jurisdictions engaging in protectionism.

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