Insurance Innovation Showcase 2015
Submission Form

The January 2015 edition of Best's Review magazine will showcase new and innovative insurance efforts that broaden the scope of insurance coverage. We are particularly interested in areas that were previously ignored, excluded or relatively uncovered

"Innovation Showcase" is open to insurance and reinsurance companies, insurance agencies and brokerages, wholesalers, claims managers, third-party administrators and alternative market facilities. There are no geographic restrictions. Submissions will be reviewed and commented upon for publication by an independent panel of insurance professionals.

Submission deadline is Sept. 16, 2014.

The following will need to be completed:

  • A description of an innovation, initiated in the past five years that brings insurance coverage to risks that were previously uncovered or inadequately covered.
  • What triggered this innovation? What makes this innovation new and different, and why was it previously uncovered or less covered?
  • (Optional) You may enter a video about your innovation. Upload the video to YouTube and include the URL link. If you have questions about uploading, please contact Brian Cohen at or call him at 908-439-2200, ext. 5488.
  • How do you measure the success of this project? This may include new revenue streams, greater market share, new lines of business or a new customer base. Do not include confidential information. Any information provided may be published in Best's Review magazine.
  • Describe the development process. For example, how many people were involved? Which departments within the organization were instrumental in this process? How long did the process take from start to finish? What new or unusual technology or business process was used?
  • Did a business partner participate in the development, execution, marketing or launch of this innovation? If so, explain that role and provide contact information for that firm.
  • Contact information so we can verify the information provided and ask questions if necessary.

Please contact Lynna Goch, editor, Best's Review, at 908-439-2200, Ext. 5381 or email with any questions.

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